TRAGIC DEATH AT 35! Former Runway Model, Dies In Home


International runway and print model Maria Del-Mar (35) has tragically died according to her Reps late last night. Maria’s husband Antonio, refused to comment and pleaded for privacy.

Circumstances of her death remain murky, with authorities focusing on the the days leading up to yesterday’s gruesome discovery of Maria, bleeding and unresponsive in an upstairs bathroom of their spacious brownstone apartment.  The 911 call, made presumably by her husband, has not been released to the public.

No word on the condition of their baby.

For more information or to send condolences, please visit here here.

Chapter 3 Launch Day!


It's release day!  We present Chapter 3, titled Skin Deep.  We're very proud of this continuation of the story, and we hope you are too.  

The price for this chapter is $4.99, and it will require that you own Chapter 1, First Rites, ONLY (but why would you want to miss Chapter 2?)

Also, it's important to point out that this chapter deals with mature themes that some people might find unsettling.  Just keep telling yourself, "it's only VR".


Chapter 3 Launches in 2 days!

"Skin Deep" is launching in less than 48 hours!  Are you ready?

Maria Del-Mar Pregnancy Rumors


International runway and print model Maria Del-Mar and her husband Antonio announce that, despite rumors, all is well with their first pregnancy.  “Although this was all unexpected, we couldn’t be happier,” said the new daddy in a statement.

Reps for Maria say her sudden absence from the runway last Spring will continue indefinitely until “she’s ready to return to the world stage in full form”.  Maria, who was considered one of the industry’s most visible stars, completely cut off her social media channels and appearances once becoming pregnant. In one of her last interviews, she was quoted as being unsure about becoming a mother and questioning her choices, causing some backlash from the public.

To stay up to date on Maria’s return, please visit the happy couple’s announcement site here.

"Skin Deep" Chapter 3 Game Play Trailer & Launch Date

We're pleased to reveal the game play trailer for Skin Deep, the third installment of The Exorcist: Legion VR five-part series.

"Skin Deep" will release on January 25th on the Steam & Oculus stores.

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Special Items: Bee's Resin

Bee's Resin

A rare sap found in tropical climates burns at a much slower rate than traditional oils. This special item upgrades the Bee's Oil Lamp and allows it to burn at a much slower rate.  The lamp can be used to reveal certain images unseen by the normal eye.  Read more about the Bee's Oil Lamp here.