Chapter 1 "First rites"

A place of worship covered in blood, a notebook filled with writings of demonic possession and the ‘ritualistic murder’ of a priest. Will you answer the call to investigate?


"The Exorcist: Legion VR is without a doubt one of the best VR horror experiences available.”                 –UploadVR


Chapter 2 "Idle Hands"

Your task is to visit a mentally ill school teacher whose dangerous flirtations with the occult exposed her to a malicious entity intent on twisting her mind and devouring her soul. 


“A MUST PLAY for anyone that considers themselves a fan of horror.”  –Gamecrate


Chapter 3 "Skin Deep"

What torments a family and their newborn infant?


"Exorcist Legion VR – Final Score: 9/10 – Amazing!”  –UploadVR


Chapter 4 "Samaritan"

A supernatural presence awaits you in Haiti...


"The slow-building tension is expertly paced, each and every scare feels visceral and dangerous, and the sheer sense of terror you feel while methodically exploring the richly detailed environments is staggering."  –UploadVR


Chapter 5 "The Tomb"

A final confrontation against the ultimate evil awaits you deep into the mountains of Upper Mesopotamia...


"Intense! Hold your breath!”  –Gamecrate


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