Father Bell's Unheard Tapes

Professor Sarren, Demonologist, has uncovered some additional, unheard tapes from Father Bell that were recorded prior to his ritualistic death.

Chapel_03 copy.png


“How can Rome deny this pattern? They’re in the midst of something not seen since Father Morning’s time! First the West Bank, then Eritrea, and now Morocco! He’s gaining strength, preying on famine and war to take souls, how long before they expand north or even west. I say something has to be done, but Rome treats me as if I am mad, I was a fool to believe that I could continue Morning’s work. They would rather brush me under the rug with their other little secrets.”

“I had a very unusual conversation with one of the inmates this afternoon, a young man on death row, he knew much about the work I do. He even knew about my unofficial visit to see the young woman in Morocco. I don’t understand how, I would never talk about that to anyone outside of a select few, let alone prison inmates. The guards removed him almost instantly. I won’t get another chance to see him for almost two months now.”

“More dead in Haiti. What kind of beast feeds on such misery. I will pray for their souls but I must also prepare to act soon. I’ve felt a change in the air of late and I fear he may already walk amongst us”

"A man ran in during congregation and threw a tomato towards the stage. He called me a heretic and told me my time has come. He was promptly removed from the church but it's chilling to think of what he meant with everything going on."

"I've heard stories from years ago about a child having a demon exorcised from her body. But, I wasn't prepared for what I just did..."

"So much blood. That child... It was just so much blood... That was not a psychotic episode. That was something more... How can Rome pretend nothing happened?"

“I’m feeling optimistic today, a package just came in...”


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