What To Say During An Exorcism (If You Are A Priest)

In the Name of Jesus Christ, 
our God and Lord, 
strengthened by the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin
Mary, Mother of God,
of Blessed Michael the Archangel, 
of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul and all the Saints. 
and powerful in the holy authority of our ministry,
we confidently undertake to repulse the attacks and
deceits of the devil. 
God arises; 
His enemies are scattered
and those who hate Him flee before Him. 
As smoke is driven away, 
so are they driven; 
as wax melts before the fire, 
so the wicked perish at the presence of God. 

Lucie exorcism2.JPG

We drive you from us, 
whoever you may be, 
unclean spirits, 
all satanic powers, 
all infernal invaders, 
all wicked legions, 
assemblies and sects.

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