What makes "Good VR"?

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Wolf & Wood Interactive is an established indie team founded in the UK in 2015 by Ryan Bousfield.  Their first release was A Chair in a Room for Oculus DK1 & Cardboard. Wolf followed up with a full-length narrative experience titled A Chair in a Room: Greenwater which released on Steam and was subsequently named by UploadVR as the “Best Horror Game” of 2016 as well winning Viveport's "Community Choice Award" for 2017. Their latest release was The Harbinger Trial earlier this year for GearVR.

Throughout the development process we've had a lot of discussions about what makes "good VR" and what constitutes effective horror (and how we can break the mold). We look closely at how cinematic and gaming experiences intersect. Titles we frequently reference are Soma, Firewatch, Bioshock, and Cloudhead Games's excellent work. Even the Myst series. All of these experiences convey a sense of place, tone and pose questions regarding the role of the participant in worlds they are navigating. The bar is high for The Exorcist: Legion VR, but we hope to do this beloved franchise the justice it deserves and push the boundaries of what "good VR" can be.

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- LegionVR Team