Special Items: Bee's Resin

Bee's Resin

A rare sap found in tropical climates burns at a much slower rate than traditional oils. This special item upgrades the Bee's Oil Lamp and allows it to burn at a much slower rate.  The lamp can be used to reveal certain images unseen by the normal eye.  Read more about the Bee's Oil Lamp here.

Artifact: The Chess Locker

The Chess Locker


This was stolen from The Vatican museum in 1973 by a young priest who, despite Rome forbidding him, undertook the exorcism of a powerful demon. He was underprepared, inexperienced and ultimately killed in his attempts to help the young woman from West Germany. The box was lost by police after the fall of the Berlin Wall and has been rumoured to be on the black market since. It is said to contain a flammable oil that even the most cold hearted spirit cannot extinguish.

Artifact: The Veiled Virgin

As some have discovered, each chapter contains ancient artifacts housing unique items that serve as enhancements to your exorcism tools. These artifacts return to evidence after you've encountered them.

The Veiled Virgin

From Father Bell's Notebook: I found this at the back of an old store in Verona. It houses my most treasured possession - holy water from the source of the great Nile, said to be the origin of man. This is my secret weapon against the fires of hell.