Demon Renderings by Felipe Escobar

We commissioned Chilean artist Felipe Escobar to create a series of paintings featuring the individual demons in The Exorcist Legion VR. Little did we know that his interpretations would be so completely unsettling. You can face each of these demons on Oculus Quest, PlayStationVR or SteamVR.

TRAGIC DEATH AT 35! Former Runway Model, Dies In Home


International runway and print model Maria Del-Mar (35) has tragically died according to her Reps late last night. Maria’s husband Antonio, refused to comment and pleaded for privacy.

Circumstances of her death remain murky, with authorities focusing on the the days leading up to yesterday’s gruesome discovery of Maria, bleeding and unresponsive in an upstairs bathroom of their spacious brownstone apartment.  The 911 call, made presumably by her husband, has not been released to the public.

No word on the condition of their baby.

For more information or to send condolences, please visit here here.

Maria Del-Mar Pregnancy Rumors


International runway and print model Maria Del-Mar and her husband Antonio announce that, despite rumors, all is well with their first pregnancy.  “Although this was all unexpected, we couldn’t be happier,” said the new daddy in a statement.

Reps for Maria say her sudden absence from the runway last Spring will continue indefinitely until “she’s ready to return to the world stage in full form”.  Maria, who was considered one of the industry’s most visible stars, completely cut off her social media channels and appearances once becoming pregnant. In one of her last interviews, she was quoted as being unsure about becoming a mother and questioning her choices, causing some backlash from the public.

To stay up to date on Maria’s return, please visit the happy couple’s announcement site here.

Journal Entry of Professor Sarren, Demonologist: #1 - Pazuzu

Journal Entry of Professor Sarren, Demonologist: #1

"What an excellent day for an exorcism."

Pazuzu, known to ancient Assyrians that followed the Mesopotamian religion as the king of the demons of the wind, brought both storms and drought. In those ancient times, he represented the southwestern wind and was worshiped as a demigod for it. He's generally considered to be evil and malicious, but he frightens away other evil spirits, which inadvertently protects his followers from plagues and misfortune. In some mythologies, he is thought to bring famine and locusts as well. 

Pazuzu is often (possibly wrongly?) depicted as a humanoid figure with different animal parts. Some sort of bestial head, talons on both hands like a bird, two wings, and sometimes a full scorpion tail. But, with all mythologies, these can be considered caricature to what the demon may look like, if he ever existed. 

Pazuzu is thought, by many modern scholars to be much more sinister than his followers believed. He picks away at a belief that a person holds dear though corruption, hate, and fear. There is no known weakness to his fury. Rumors of a child becoming possessed by a demon and the need for an exorcism have sprung up years back and the word "Pazuzu" has been thrown around from eyewitness accounts, but nothing is certain. 

Additionally, there has been a murder of a priest down at the old Church, which could be linked to this demon. I have a feeling this is only the first chapter of a very long book. I need to look into this more...


The Exorcist: Legion VR is coming soon to HTC ViveOculus Rift and PSVR

Father Bell

We have something special today for Friday the 13th.

In Chapter 1 you'll encounter Father Bell, a priest who isn't interested in self gain, but only the open-minded search for truth. This search has led him to look into things that others would dismiss as archaic nonsense.  Many in the Church see him as a lunatic and out of touch with modern Catholicism.

An excerpt from his audio diary is here.


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