Oculus Quest Graphics Comparison

Hello Exorcists!

The Exorcist: Legion VR launched on Oculus Quest on May 21st. We know that many of you have been curious about the comparisons between the Quest and Rift versions of the game. New Quest users are definitely in for at treat.

Below are some side by side comparisons from Wolf & Wood. Another large announcement is coming soon, so stay tuned.

Oculus Rift: Chapter 1, “First Rites”

Oculus Quest: Chapter 1, First Rites

Oculus Rift: Chapter 3, “Skin Deep”

Oculus Quest: Chapter 3 “Skin Deep”

Oculus Rift: Chapter 4 “Samaritan”

Oculus Quest: Chapter 4 “Samaritan”

We're coming to Oculus Quest!

Yes, the rumors are true! This Spring, we will be releasing all 5 chapters on the new Oculus Quest headset including First Rites, Idle Hands, Skin Deep, Samaritan and The Tomb.

The Quest is a truly remarkable step in the evolution of VR hardware and we can’t wait to show you just how exciting the headset can be.

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Exorcist Legion VR Quest