PlayStation VR Patch Notes- 10.24.18


Last night a new patch was published which resolves several recent user-reported issues as well as a few behind the scenes items. Thank you all for reporting them! Some of the issues addressed are as follows:

  • For some users, the game would occasionally hang when loading the calibration room. This has been resolved.

  • The VCR is now working at the end of Chapter 4. Try it!

  • The “research” achievement in Chapter 4 is now working as intended. The rules to achieve this are:

    • View all camera images

    • Play all Dictaphone messages from Hopkins

    • View all lab notes on the computer (3 pages)

    • Pick up a specimen from a broken jar

  • Trophies for Chapter 4 & Chapter 5 are now properly awarded for 100% completion.

  • Increased colliders on some objects to prevent clipping.

  • Modified the audio mix on the Chapter 5 climax to allow users to better hear the dialogue.

  • Occasional issues with the menu/inventory in Chapter 3 have been fixed.

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Chapters 4 & 5 have released for PlayStation VR!


Get Possessed!

Today, Chapter 4 “Samaritan and Chapter 5 “The Tomb have released for PlayStation VR in North America and Europe. For those exorcists who have already purchased the Complete Series or the Season Pass, these new episodes will automatically be available to you from within the police precinct after the game is updated.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”


PlayStation VR: "Samaritan" + "The Tomb" launching October 9th 2018!

Wolf & Wood  has been hard at work.

Wolf & Wood has been hard at work.

We're pleased to announce that the scariest franchise of all time is coming to a conclusion with the final two chapters of The Exorcist: Legion launching just in time for Halloween. We know you’ve been waiting for it! The experience that UploadVR calls “one of the best VR horror experiences available” is finally reaching a crescendo. Chapter 4 & 5 will both be releasing on October 9th.

For those just joining us, The Exorcist: Legion is inspired by the mythology leading up to and following the Exorcist III feature film and franchise – you’re a homicide detective assigned to investigate the ritualistic murder of a priest. The crime scene has all the makings of a serial killer, but then you discover that it’s much more when all signs point to the return of a very evil entity. You gradually transition from an ordinary homicide detective to a full-fledged exorcist as you face down several ancient forces. Each episode features an entirely new setting with a different demonic entity in addition to unique hidden artifacts that upgrade your exorcism kit. There’s even an elusive “Pea Soup” achievement that many players have yet to find (one of our favorite homages to The Exorcist).

PSVR Screenshot 6.png

 In this adventure YOU become the hero of the story, experiencing first hand every hair raising encounter. We won’t lie – this franchise has left quite a few VR users shaken, so buckle up! The serialized story is told through five, stand-alone episodes that run approximately 30 minutes each. Chapters 1 First Rites, Chapter 2 “Idle Hands” & Chapter 3 “Skin Deep”  launched earlier this Summer and now the final two installments take the story to its epic conclusion.


Chapter 4: Samaritan

Chapter 4 is titled "Samaritan" and transports users to the scene of a failed quarantine zone in Haiti. Racked by an unknown plague, a slew of health worker deaths have led to the collapse of efforts to control the mounting victim toll. You travel to a small aid center to discover what (or who) lies at the heart of the epidemic. In this episode you will encounter Baal, a demon who manipulates the elements to bring plague, pestilence and disease. The scale of his power is formidable, he is thought to be the source of many historic disasters. This chapter also contains the “Celtic Cross” crucifix upgrade (if you can find it). Trailer:

Chapter 5: The Tomb (Climax)

Chapter 5, titled “The Tomb”, is our grand finale and features an incredibly immersive underground environment.  In our climax, players are transported deep into the mountains of Upper Mesopotamia to face the demon Pazuzu where one last confrontation will put everything they have learned to the test. This episode features some unique VR mechanics as well as some powerful performances by our talented voice team. It all as been leading up to this moment – and it’s exhilarating. Trailer:


In addition to these final episodes, we have also made some upgrades to the calibration system in the police department “training room” as well as additional comfort settings to give players the most immersive experience possible (comfort blinders will be optional!) We’ve added new languages, bug fixes, and even more achievements. You can read all about them on our blog post here.

PSVR Screenshot 5.png

You can buy the complete series here for only $29.99 in the US, and in Europe for €24.99.

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We hope you enjoy this adventure. In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus...

PlayStation VR Upgrades + Patch Notes- Coming Oct 9th!


We’ve got some good news. The PlayStation community has asked us for several changes to the game-play over the past few months, and those requests have been implemented! This patch will roll out October 9th 2018 across all territories and the new settings will be accessible via the mobile phone menu system while in-game.


The game takes a variety of measurements to ensure that the world is properly scaled around you. This is an important process before Chapter 1 begins.

  • Improvements to the calibration system with extra confirmation checks to ensure users have entered the correct information (if they are skipped, a minimum height is set so that the hands aren't at ground level).

  • Added the ability to go back a step on the calibration scene in case you missed the instructions on the first screen.

  • Added the ability to go back and re-calibrate player height at any time.


  • Added the ability to switch between English, Spanish and Japanese language subtitles at any stage during the game.


  • Want to ride the lighting? We’ve added the ability to switch off the vignette system (aka comfort blinders) via the phone menu for users who prefer free-roam movement.


  • Increased Slow/Medium/Fast movement speeds for free roam locomotion (for all you speed demons).

  • Added an out of bounds system to the stairs door in the Chapter 3.

  • Added rules to prevent the player hands from triggering certain scene interactions.


  • Added new achievements for chapters 4 and 5.

Feel free to reach out to us on any of our social channels. Chapter 4 & 5 also release on PlayStation October 9th! Go forth and conquer.