Chapter 5 Achievements Patch: SteamVR & Oculus

Thanks to player feedback we were able to identify an issue which made obtaining "The Tomb" achievement impossible (completing Chapter 5 with 100%) unless done on the first attempt. That's too hard, even for us!

We've pushed out an update and Exorcists should now be able to make their way through Chapter 5 and obtain "The Tomb" achievement at any time, including 2nd and 3rd attempts. Who knows, you might just see something you missed before.

There are a total of five achievements in Chapter 5 including "Lost Little Lamb", "Afraid of the Dark", "No Respect", "Chapter 5" and "The Tomb".

Many players have reached out to us regarding the "Puke" achievement. We won't tell where the achievement is, but it is definitely obtainable, and only requires access to the police station.