PlayStation VR Patch Notes- 10.24.18


Last night a new patch was published which resolves several recent user-reported issues as well as a few behind the scenes items. Thank you all for reporting them! Some of the issues addressed are as follows:

  • For some users, the game would occasionally hang when loading the calibration room. This has been resolved.

  • The VCR is now working at the end of Chapter 4. Try it!

  • The “research” achievement in Chapter 4 is now working as intended. The rules to achieve this are:

    • View all camera images

    • Play all Dictaphone messages from Hopkins

    • View all lab notes on the computer (3 pages)

    • Pick up a specimen from a broken jar

  • Trophies for Chapter 4 & Chapter 5 are now properly awarded for 100% completion.

  • Increased colliders on some objects to prevent clipping.

  • Modified the audio mix on the Chapter 5 climax to allow users to better hear the dialogue.

  • Occasional issues with the menu/inventory in Chapter 3 have been fixed.

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